Kotatogram is experimental fork of Telegram apps. Initially I’ve planned to fork Telegram Desktop and Telegram Web, but web version is currently abandoned.

Kotatogram Desktop

Telegram Desktop fork. All information mostly located on official site:

Just like Telegram Desktop, Kotatogram Desktop is fully open-source. It can be found on GitHub .

This is pretty old preview from version 1.1.6, I’ve should make some new ones sometime. Used theme: Purple Night , made by me. Font: IBM Plex (Sans and Mono).

Differences from Telegram Desktop

Full list of features can be found on official site , but I’ll list some features here too.

Big features:

  • Local folders
    Not that only they were freed from any limits, not counting technical ones, they have additional filters: for example, you can make a folder with chats managed by you, or chats which are not in other folders.

Visual features:

  • Wide messages
    Initially it existed as patch for Telegram Desktop under Linux that can be applied only when building it yourself. However at some point it was ported to Kotatogram, and now wide messages are available to everyone, without manual rebuild requirement.
  • Font settings
    Not everyone likes Open Sans as default non-changeable font in TDesktop, and I’m one of these people. But instead of just changing it to Roboto for everyone, I’ve decided to make an option that allows to select the font you need.
  • Sticker size setting
    Stickers in Telegram Desktop are so big that they frequently cover half of a chat. Adding an option not only solves the problem, but also allows to restore TDesktop sticker size to those who are fine with it.

Of course that’s not all features, but most of the features are visual.


Currently it lacks updates, but I’m still planning to update it.

Kotatogram Web

Fork of currently deprecated web app . Even though the version is old, it still works:

Before starting to make new features, I’ve tried to update TL-schema, but in the end I’ve abandoned it. Now it exists only as archived.

Other apps

Sometimes I’ve been asked about making Android app. If I’ll ever start an Android version, it could take even more time, so I don’t want to even start t. But if I’ll ever start it, I’ll fork Telegram X.