Here’s the list of all my projects that were published.


  • Kotatogram
    Fork of Telegram Desktop with useful and experimental features.

Game mods


  • Font Switcher
    This mod allows to change the font in Griftlands. By default it uses only fonts that were included in game, but you can add your own.
  • Titillium (Russian)
    This mod adds Cyrillic version of Titillium in Griftlands. It requires Font Switcher mod and serves as a demonstration of font mods.


Core font mods

Core font mods replace file, which replacement is required if you want to use photobooth font mods.

These mods are not compatible between each other! To avoid unexpected results, only one of these mods should be enabled.
  • Roboto Condensed as main font (WotC only)
    This was my first attempt to change fonts. Mod replaces Alpha font to Roboto Condensed, attempting to fix Cyrillic jumpy font and add some new glyphs that may be required to other languages.
  • Better UI fonts: Vanilla and WotC
    This mod fixes Alpha font “jumpiness” and making its Cyrillic glyphs more original-looking. Also it restores letter spacing in Cyrillic version of AF Carplates Medium, making this closer to original.
  • Photobooth Font Fix (WotC only)
    This mod for those who don’t need Cyrillic fonts, but need photobooth font mods.

Photobooth font mods

Photobooth font mods add more fonts to photobooth that was introduced in XCOM 2 War of the Chosen. As a result, they won’t work on vanilla version of the game. All my photobooth font mods currently support both Latin and Cyrillic scripts. You can also use them as your UI font, but it requires additional setup. You can read about that in mod’s description.

If you want to make your own font mod, you can read my guide:

Now to fonts:

  • Exo 2
    Futuristic-looking font which is also used in XCOM Chimera Squad.
  • Jost
    Another futuristic-looking font which is similar to font in XCOM logo.
  • Roboto Condensed
    Same Roboto Condensed, but for photobooth instead of replacing Alpha font.
  • USSR Fonts Pack
    Collection of fonts that were inspired by Soviet posters.
  • Meme Fonts Pack
    Because why not?

Subtitle font mods

Subtitle mods are separated from UI font mods since they use bitmap fonts instead of Scaleform. Also they’re related to game language and not useful in other languages.

  • Better Russian subtitles font: Vanilla and WotC
    This mod fixes Alpha font “jumpiness” and making its glyphs more original-looking.

Other mods

Mods I contributed to

  • Alternative Mod Uploader
    Ported from Civilization 6 mod uploader by robojumper. I’ve updated Steamworks.NET and did a few fixes in it.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

  • Better UI Fonts (EW only)
    Just like with XCOM 2, it fixes letters of Alpha font and letter spacing of AF Carplates Medium font.

SDDM themes