Notes are now shown on home page. At the same time I’ve finished localizations moments and converted RSS to Atom. Moreover, I’ve fixed Atom XML file the way it now shows all content as it should look as far as it possible.

It seems that only thing left to me is to make yourself an editor or at least button to add/update posts. Still, it’s not convenient to do it through SFTP. Time and date are written manually as well.

Probably this is what’s stopping me to write here frequently, so when I’m starting to write, the posts become longer than I expect.

But with notes probably blog will be more lively. Articles won’t go anywhere though, you can subscribe to them by RSS separately. Or only to notes. Or to notes with tag.

I’m also thinking to make something for small posts, like self-hosting some ActivityPub server. In that case though it will be a small server, because there is not much RAM on this VPS. But that’s under question.